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who we ARE

The Great Lakes Assessment and Research Enterprise (GLARE) is a Veteran conceived, Director-led, not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization founded to support manned and UAS/UAV vehicle research, technology assessment and program development and sustainment. GLARE is focused on supporting Academia, Government and Industry Service Partners and as a not-for-profit GLARE will work as a "trusted agent" between all stakeholders. GLARE was conceived as a consortium and to allow reach back to a world-class team of partners and Subject Matter Experts comprised of dedicated professionals, most of who are military trained Veterans or have vast experience in the Defense Contractor industry. 


what we Do

GLARE brings together operational, analytical, simulation and test & evaluation experts to support customer requirements as they seek to develop and differentiate their technological and operational needs. GLARE can provide Government & commercial customer interface, business processes/program management, concept development, and test processes/test management services. 


for YOU

  •  Integrated Test Planning & Execution 
  •  Full Range of Reporting
  •  Operational Planning & Analysis
  •  CONOP/CONEMP/Curriculum development 
  •  Modeling & Simulation (to include LVC)
  •  Program Development/Project Management 
  •  Operational Development/Expertise
  •  Systems of Systems Engineering
  • Air Traffic Control / Range Management - Services & Consulting       


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Great Lakes Assessment & Research Enterprise